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Ah. Season Seven. Without a doubt, the worst Married... with Children season. Along comes the 
last episode of the season, I'm dragging around, trying to think if it would be good or not. 
I knew Vanna White would co-star in it, I just didn't know it could be so much fun.
So I turned my TV on and see a dark room with Al and Peg talking about something. And when 
I finally realized what they were talking about, I cracked up. Then the kids come in, and 
when Al says that the rich millionaire Cocoa used to be one of his girlfriends, and the kids 
joke, you have to laugh at that too.
Now, at the end of the shoe store scene, if you are not hiccuping, you don't deserve to call 
yourself a MWC fan. Because the shoe store scene in this one, along with the no doghouse -- no 
brain scene in Al Goes To The Dogs, are the two funniest scenes in Married with Children's 
So, then the next scene came with her bringing them a pizza, and the kids and Peg realize that 
Al isn't as dumb as what they think. So, Peggy, after a whole lot of trying, and the right 
amount of money offered to her, sells Al. (And Bud made a good speech, calling him a piece of 
fudge, also.)
Then the final scene comes in the bedroom. Just as they are about to have sex, Peggy comes in 
and takes her husband back. Al, who is not mad after all, suggests they have some fun, and 
they go to sleep. Yes, a enjoyable episode in the worst seaosn. Especially Ed O'Neill, Katey 
Sagal, and Vanna White.
10 out of 10!

By Justice


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