Married with Children


Episode:	0718  -  PEGGY AND THE PIRATES

Reviewed By:  John P. Stevenson

	When youíre talking about your favorite television shows, how you judge the quality of
 the various episodes is a very relative thing.  The worst episode ever produced of, say, STAR
 TREK, beats the hell out of the best DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN; at least in this reviewers
 opinion. That holds especially true for MWC in general, and this episode in particular.

	First of all, whatís bad about this episode:  You have some time??  The  humor is tepid,
 at best; the actors, with the exception of David Garrison, are just walking  through their 
 parts, which is highly unusual for this quality cast; the plot is as thin as a clip show (Which
 would have been preferable!); and, of course, that walking, talking abomination of a booger-
 machine, Seven (GOD, but I detest that kid)!  This is by far the weakest episode of the weakest
 season of MWC.  Which still puts it far above 98% of everything else on TV.

	Now, whatís good about the episode:  Not much, although any pretense to get David 
 Garrison back is certainly welcome.  Though Iím definitely not one of those who feel that the
 show "Jumped the Shark" when Steve left, it certainly was a better show with him than without.
 That is perfectly demonstrated in episodes where there is direct interaction between Steve and 
 Jefferson; Ted McGinley is good, but always comes out looking second-best.  Perhaps the best 
 actor of the cast, Garrison is the one shining spot in this lackluster episode, throwing himself 
 into his role with abandon.  Itís worth watching just to see that!

	Another high point, at least for me, is the fact that this is Sevenís last appearance!  
 (God, I REALLY detest that kid!!!!)

	Any time you have a series of 259 episodes, spanning an 11-year run, youíre bound to have
 a few stinkers float to the surface.  This is one of those; but, hell, it beats watching DR.
 QUINN!  (Please God, let the Indians kill her!!!!)

 RATING:  * out of Five.


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