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Synopsis:  Marcy and Peg tag along with Al, much to his chagrin (and veto power) on his week off
in the mountains and all but ruin his time off with their petty, non stop bickering and arguing.  
Meanwhile at home; Bud and Kelly deal with a fussy Seven and join Jefferson in spending Marcy’s 

Thoughts:  The title couldn’t be further from the truth and unfortunately with all half baked 
premises or poorly executed ideas, it does have it’s moments worth watching which means that we 
the viewer must suffer through what’s bad to get what little is good.  The series is now just 
coming off of a high with season 6 and lo and behold this is where some Bundy fans just bailed 
out.  Why?  The answer is simple: Seven.  The show (this episode in particular) was just building 
up to something and as soon as the little monster shows his face and lets out maybe three lines, 
you can almost hear the car wreck.  MWC recovered by getting rid of Seven like a live bomb, but 
some fans couldn’t be brought back.  MWC wasn’t broke, the producers and writers thought they 
could do something great and it blew up (badly) in their face.  Thankfully Seven wouldn’t last 
long, but it left season seven with a tarnish which is too bad because if he didn’t show up, 
season seven would easily be season six’s equal.

	 It’s not as though this episode was a total loss however as Al thankfully rises above 
to see it through.  His line commenting on how he’s amazed that Marcy and Peg could only shut up 
twice on his trip, including one occasion that they were quiet when Oprah was on, despite the 
fact that there is no TV in their cabin, was priceless.  Scenes of Al attempting to hang himself 
or trying to maneuver through the house without getting badgered by Marcy and Peg to the tune 
from Benny Hill is another highlight.  Not to be outdone, the byplay between "beautiful people" 
Jefferson, Kelly and Bud is executed perfectly. 

	Everyone gets a part of the show and MWC hasn’t reached the lame split stories feature 
that occurs later on usually with Bud and Kelly.  It feels clunky to move between Al and the 
women to Jefferson and the kids, but since one story stemmed from the other instead of, as an 
example "NO MA’AM goes bowling while Bud flies to California" (ergo one has NOTHING to do with 
the other,)  it wasn’t so bad.

        	Being trapped with people you can’t stand in a sitcom has been done too many 
times and this episode didn’t bring much to the table.  How about Al actually gets to go fishing 
and Marcy and Peg make they’re little kibitzing remarks about how stupid fishing is and why do 
men do it, Al remarks back a line that implies that men go fishing to get away from women etc.. 
anything could have been done with some effort of simply the "Al suffers" for the story.

Rating:  3 shoes out of 10.  Get rid of Seven completely, and rework the Al trapped with Peg and
Marcy idea and it could have worked.  MWC thankfully returned to some grace with the next episode 

Quotable Quotes:  (thank you transcript section!)

Al:    Marcy, have the nerve to face me when your speaking to me!
Whoops, you are! We gotta get you a sign that says "front" and "back".

Marcy to Al: Go pick your hiney, women are talking!

Bud:   [Bud rubs his hands] Oh the hooters I'll be a-juggling.
Kelly: Yeah well, don't hurt your hand on the staples.

Seven: I'm hungry.
Bud:   Well, Kelly's stupid and no-one's helping her

By John Nelson


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