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Synopsis:  A tale of two male Bundyís and their suffering.  Bud finally finds a girl who will
spend time with him, but she looks for thrills in a non sexual kind from Bud in the form of death
defiance and dangerous sports activities.  Al must slog his way through an adult relationship
board game with Peg and the DíArcys.

Thoughts:  If ever a season had as many good episodes, season 6 was it.  "Mystery of Skull
Island" is another slam bang of Bundying and fun.  In what is probably the first good "split
story" episode, we get to see the trials of the two male Bundyís, one physical pain (Bud) and the
other (Al) emotional torment and both for the sake of women.

	 I say this often but from start to finish but this is one where two things happen.  One,
it has two stories that has neither one being a part of the other which many episodes would do to
death later on, and two itís nonstop hilarious all the way through which makes it all the better.
 This show gets two great stories in one shot and even better, the time doesnít fly either!  The
first few minutes just before the commercial are also some of the best in a series and pack in
the laughs and it goes like this.  Kelly channel surfs over important news stories and settles on
Bullwinkle cartoons, Al comes home and lays a shoe story on Kelly who doesnít even pay attention
to him, Peg gets introduced and tells Al of the horror that awaits him later on.  All of it
hilarious and delivered like pros.  Too bad that Budís arc of the episode couldnít get put in but
that could have been overkill for just the first few minutes.  

	For once, Marcy and Jefferson stick around for the whole show playing the Ethical Dilemma
game with Al and Peg and Kelly gets a couple of good moments such as giving Bud dating tips for
the girl in this episode "you will die a flat virgin!"  Itís Bud's episode all the way but when
you have scenes of Al giving his "I Care" speech or the final scene to the show (which I will say
is the best finale to any MWC episode ever) it makes you think whose episode it belongs to.

        	The story I have already commented on is flawless.  Two story episodes of the
later seasons should have looked to this one for inspiration and guidance.

Rating:  10 shoes out of 10.  Itís so good all the way through, not one minute of it gets old and
itís packed to the brim.  One of those "desert island" episodes along with "Movie Show" from
season 7.

Quotable Quotes:  (thank you transcript section!)

Kelly:  Ai-eee! Oh, father, I have angered the Grand Bastard!

Kara:  I've booked us on a rafting trip. Down a river the Indians used to call "Kiss Your White
       Ass Goodbye".

Peggy: Awww, shoes got you down, Bunky? Well, this should cheer you up - I've invited Marcy and
       Jefferson over for a game of Ethical Dilemma!
Al:    Oh, a dream come true, by gum. You mean I actually get the opportunity to play a board
       game with two people I can't stand and Jefferson? Pardon me while I boogaloo.

Jefferson: Hey, Al's not moving his thimble down the path to Intimacy.
Peggy:  Hmph. Gee, that's a first.

Al:    I'm using my Get Out Sexual Intimacy Card Free!
Marcy: You have to say it before you spin.
Al:    Drop dead.
Marcy: Bite me.

By John Nelson


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