Married with Children



Reviewed By:  John P. Stevenson

	There are just some episodes of MWC that are so outrageously funny that you simply canít
 control your laughter.  For me, this is definitely one of those episodes. From start to finish,
 I find myself laughing until tears are streaming down my cheeks; the first time I watched it, 
 I actually hit the floor convulsed with laughter.

	There isnít my plot to this; itís simply not needed.  It uses a standard MWC device,
 telling two divergent storylines at once, and both are working fantastically in this episode 
 (sad to say, not always the case).  The one involving Budís efforts to impress his current love
 is marginally funnier than the adultís game of Ethical Dilemma, but not by much.  His speech
 regarding the white-water rafting trip heís (barely) just survived are perhaps the funniest
 lines delivered by David Faustino in the showís entire 11-year run, though no doubt Iíll hear
 some disagreement there.

	However, for me, the funniest moment in the episode comes as Peggy is reading a question
 regarding having an impotent, shoe-selling husband named Al.  When Al snatches the card from 
 her hand, stating that it canít say that, only to read the card and exclaim: "Oh my God, it
 does!", we can almost hear the peals of heavenly laughter raining down on our hero.

	Ok, so my tastes are, admittedly, unique, and many people might not agree with me on 
 this one.  Thatís fine. But for my MWC-watching, itís hard to beat The Mystery Of Skull Island!

RATING:      ***** out of Five!


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