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Synopsis:  Peg suspects Al of infidelity when he giddily announces to the family that a "shoe
groupie" has been coming into the shoe store on a daily basis and has flirted with him.  While
the kids laugh it off as a joke, on Pegís behalf they investigate anyways and find out that Al 
has been visited by a sexy lady who wants him.

Thoughts:  More goodness from season 6 and what goodness it is.  The Awesome Babe quotient on the
show is added even more with Jessica Hahn and the family still throws hate like nobodies 
business, further exemplified by the family refusing to believe Al when he says that heís 
innocent when he really is but for the Bundyís and the DíArcyís itís easier to hate then think.

	The episodes about Al are usually the best ones out of the bunch since heís generally 
regarded as the best character on the show.  Thatís not just my opinion but of the majority of 
fans out there as well.  Having him at the center with everyone else around him usually makes for 
the better episodes.  We get to see him insult the family, insult a fat customer (yes!!) suffer 
at the shoe store and get hit on by Ricki.  All in all, not a hard days work.	 

	All of the supporting characters get used and none are underused too much.  Marcy and 
Jefferson still get their one or so scene a show to torment Al, and the kids play an integral 
part as well in discovering the truth about Al and the groupie.  Peg just gets to sit at home to 
fret over Alís groupie.  (as if sheíd get out or anything).  Her meeting the shoe groupie and 
asking what she sees in Al would have been promising so that Peg could maybe realize that Al is 
taken for granted by her and that maybe Al could have a better ending.

        	Al has to have his day every once in a while, and every time he does its fun to 
see.  To say that Al has no morals youíd be wrong, and to say that Alís stupid for not going with 
the groupie, that would mean he wouldnít suffer anymore with Peg, ending the Bundy curse and 
about 90% of MWC is seeing Al suffer, so in essence the show would be over.  Alís bad, not a 

Rating:  8.5 out of 10 shoes.  In my mind not the best since Iíve seen it several times, but Iíd 
rather watch it then other MWC eps Iíve seen fewer times. 

Quotable Quotes:  (thank you transcript section!)

Al:    What if I said I've come to grips with my job and I've come to appreciate what the three
       of you mean to my life?
Peggy: We'd say you were lying.
Al:    And you'd be right!

Peggy: I know you are (cheating). You waited until I was a tad over thirty and you cheated on me!
Al:    I have two things to tell you. I would never cheat on you, and if you think you're just a
       tad over thirty, then I was just a tad drunk at our wedding!

Ricki: I don't want to hear about sports. Tell me something exciting. Tell me about
       selling shoes.

Peggy: Al, you can forget about having sex with me ever again!
Al:    Already did!

By John Nelson


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