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0608  -  GOD'S SHOES

"Behold! I hold God's shoes!"  Al
"But who holds dad's brain!?"  Bud
"Did you tell him your football stories?"  Kelly
"It was God you idiot! He knows my football stories!"  Al

Ok, I know I was hard on the episode the first time around, but I really think that in this 
one the way they use God sometimes had pushed its limit.
BUT, to make people stop whining and complaining, I went online and downloaded it from Kazaa, 
just to review it again and see what was so hot about it, and actually I liked it that time.
I don't know if it's just me or I was terribly ill, but I really liked the episode. The 
first time around, I thought it was ignorant. People thought I was an idiot, so I thought I 
would review it again just to make sure, and the second time around, I liked it.
For everyone who called me an idiot before, thank you, because that made me see it a second 
time, and realize how good it actually is.
Rating: 8 out of 10

By Justice


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