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0515  -  A MAN'S CASTLE

Another bathroom episode, this one goes down as better then A Dump of My Own, but not necissarily
as good. Al is driven out of his bathroom, when Peg enrolls in a decorating school, and turns it
This is an enjoyable episode. Like I said, it is almost as enjoyable as A Dump of My Own. And my
favorite line is:
"Al, it's a toilet. It can't talk."  Peg
"Well, I've known it long enough to know when its stinking!"  Al
Rating: 8 out of 10
ALSO NOTE: This and the review for A Dump of My Own come from the Married with Children, Most
Outrageous Episode DVDs. So if I happened to leave something out, or something sounds wrong, that
is probably the reason.

By Justice


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