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0507  -  Married... with Aliens

"Peg, some little green men come in and stole my socks!" Al
"Were they green before or after they stole your socks?" Peg
I am really diffucult to get along with when it comes to the comedy level of something. 
I am really half and half on this episode. It has some problems, but it has a lot of 
comedy to block away it's flaws.
For starters: Ed O' Neill. The king of all sitcoms puts on a good show here. He is an 
extremely funny man, but this isn't his best.
Katey Sagal: She does a little better of a role in this one as she got used to Peggy. 
Season five was a little better then any of the seasons, especially for Peggy.
Flaws: The ending speech: Is Al supposed to be a winner or a loser? He had claimed to 
fame by the aliens, but remember he is supposed to be a loser, because he is a Bundy.
Script: The script was pretty bad. I have read almost all of them, but I must say, I don't 
like this one.
Like I said: half and half. This is good for a few laughs, but if you want a serious one, 
don't see this one.  5.

By Justice


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