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0505  -  DANCE SHOW

"You know the newlywed couple at the end of the block? I just peeped in their window."  Al
"Oh, you are kinky, baby!"  Peggy
"Peg, I wanna do what they were doing."  Al
"Well, I'm game. What were they doing?"  Peggy
"They were EATING!"  Al
"I think your wife is seeing my husband."  Pete
"Come dancing with me. It'll be fun. You can hold me like you used to."  Peggy
"Oh come on Peg! That was after a six pack and a dare!"  Al

Dance Show had a few average moments, and some of those few average moments were the scenes 
that have the quotes in the review. Other then that, I can think of none.
You see, Dance Show sticks out in my mind in more ways then one, believe me. The storyline 
was bogus. Homer Simpson plays a gay???? OH MAN! Lame. And the whole Andy/Peg scenes, bogus.
"He wanted me so bad."  Peggy
"He was a homo, Peg."  Al
Really, the only performance I valued in this episode was Ed O'Neill. And even with his 
performance, the episode was still pretty funny, but was lame as almost any other season 
five episode.
Rating: 2 out of 10

By Justice


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