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0406  -  Fair Exchange

Yvette: Ooh, Kelly, you are so popular.
Kelly: Yeah, I'm like the Beatles of the 20th Century.

One of the funniest MWC episodes of all time, coming directly after "Tooth & Consequences", 
another classic.  In this episode, the Bundys are enjoying their post-Thanksgiving meal of 
pizza crust, after eating the pizza toppings on Thanksgiving.  Disgusted, Bud claims "This 
really bites the big one" and looks for something that they can sell.  Bob would like to 
sell Kelly's dust-gathering textbooks, then a note from school falls out and claims that 
the Bundy's can host a foreign exchange student and receive $500/month.
The family decides to do so, and in walks 'Yvette' from France, played by then-unknown Milla 
Jovovich.  Yvette must stay in the garage with the Dodge where the door doesn't close, but 
soon loves America after visiting school with Kelly.  Kelly is surrounded by boys when she 
tells Yvette to take off her coat and show of her new look.  Yvette does so, and the gorgeous 
Milla shows off her unbelievable hair body in a one-piece min-skirt.  All the boys flock from 
Kelly to Yvette.
The remainder of the show delivers some hilarious scenes.  Marcy and Steve come over and 
inform Peg that Al has a young girl living in the garage and burning leaves to stay warm.  
Kelly is down in the dumps, and Marcy claims that she too was unpopular in high school.  
"The hell you say" chimes Kelly sarcastically.  Marcy goes on, "I couldn't get a popular guy 
no matter how much I put out... I mean tried."  Kelly dates a geek while Yvette goes on one 
date after another.  Bud is in heaven with the beautiful sex kitten in his house and proceeds 
to drill a hole in the house wall to the garage as "an entertainment center".  Meanwhile, 
Al and Peggy could care less what happens, as long as they can continue to eat real food.  
Finally, Kelly becomes determined to send Yvette back to France no matter what, while Yvette 
tells Kelly that she will beg someone to go out with her.  Kelly then decides to become a 
"nice American sister" to Yvette and let her go out tonight, and then Yvette can copy off 
Kelly the next day.  Needless to say, Yvette flunks out and is gone.  Al and Peg are back to 
eating pizza crust, and Bud could never use his hole.  Only Kelly is happy as she is back to 
dating again.  "Oar Vaar", Kelly clumsily says as the exits.
In addition to being hilarious, this episode really demonstrates Christina Applegate's 
full comedic talent for the first time in the series.  Christina carries the show with her 
sarcasm and timing and is an early indicator of her range as more than just a bimbo daughter.  
It is also a milestone as the first major acting appearance of Milla Jovovich, who could not 
have been older than 15 at the time (early 1990).  Jovovich went on to star in many movies, 
as well as record music and be a top model.  The laughs are non-stop and really show why 
Season 4 is one of the best.  I have to put in my 'MWC' Top 5 of all time.  9 out of 10



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