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0317 / 0318  -  Married With Queen parts 1 and 2

Synopsis:     Peggy is excited about her and Alís upcoming High School reunion and is planning on 
running for reunion queen, but Al couldnít care less about going.  After prodding and forcing, 
Al relents and goes to the reunion with Peg and ends up having a blast with his old friends.  
Peg is horrified to see her old rival Connie Bender is at the reunion and is also running for queen, 
but Connie has got her beat by 3 votes.  Al learns that Connie has married his old rival, Jack and 
the two want to pick right up where they left off, with a fight.  Meanwhile at home, Kelly and Bud 
are starving.  

Thoughts:    Not a bad episode, but Iíve seen better.  There are many times thought that this 
episode is taking a little too long to get where itís going.  When it first aired years ago, my 
sister halfway through the first episode said "itís gonna be a two parter."  The episode could 
have played out as a one or two episode.  The solo route however would have had similarities to 
last seasons "Alley of the Dolls" with the Peggy and Rival story.  The two parter idea is still 
good as it shows Al actually having a good time with his chums from High School (particularly Eli) 
or the scene in part two where to get food, Bud and Kelly sneak into the reunion as hippies 
and itís about all that they do in this one, other then complain about having nothing to eat.
	The way that Peg and Al get to play lines off of their respected rivals in this one makes 
all the more fun.  When Jack tells Al that he canít think of a thing Al can do better then him, 
Al nonchalantly shoots back something like, "Iíd better go ask your wife about that Jack."  This 
is made all the better because Al is in the midst of his old friends plus it was established 
earlier in the episode that Al and Connie had a fling in the past.  Peggy has a few good ones to 
for Connie.  For example Connie says that for her coronation, they would need to shave Peg's hair 
for a red carpet.  Not to be undaunted, Peg says that if they needed more hair, Connie should shave 
her back, superb.  

	Marcy and Steve get shown at the beginning of pt 1 and in the middle of pt 2.  Both are 
great scenes.  In part 1 itís the both of them reminiscing about their own reunions and the 
revenge they had by being more successful then the "cool" kids.  Part 2 has Bud and Kelly shaking 
them down for info on the 60ís and provides a recurring staple of the show, Steveís dislike of 
the kids, as well as a new runner, Marcyís pathetic remembrance of her youth. 

	The plot works out well without much of a side plot (or whatís also called B Story) 
with the exception of Bud and Kelly and they get worked into the proceedings somewhat unbelievably 
but for the shows own good.  As I said above, it takes a while to get by some scenes which are 
mostly explaining scenes for what we are going to see later, but once we get going, itís a good 
show.  I bet I know what your wondering if you havenít seen the episode, does Peg win Reunion Queen?  
Do Al and Jack duke it out in the parking lot?  Does Al win?   Knowing the luck of the Bundys, the 
answer is a little like wondering will Rocky win the title match in Rocky II (or for that matter 
III) during those closing moments of each movie.  The Bundys are the main characters, but the past 
would seem to dictate that they wonít win in the end.  Lets just say, that in a typical Bundy 
fashion, everything does work out in the end.  	

Rating:  Part 1, 7 shoes out of 10.  Like I said above, it could have been sped up some but the 
jokes are good.  Part 2, gets 7 shoes out of 10 also.  Similar problems that part 1 shared but 
without the character building that part 1 had, but this one is even funnier.  
So overall, a 7 out of 10.

Quotable Quotes:

Al: (to Steve)  "Robert young was the boss, Fred McMurray got some respect, even Fred Flintstone 
has his day!"  (looks over at Marcy and Peg, both fawning over Peg's new dress)  "Are you telling 
me Iím not the man Fred Flintstone is?!"
Steve:  "He had a better job then you."

Peg:  "Why donít we donít have any Negotiable Securities Al?"
Al:  "Cause my wild thing broke me."

Al:  "Hey Eli was a good guy Peg!"
Peg:  "Huh!  Good guys donít say 'Hey Bundy I got $20 ridiní on yah, lower your head and run into 
a brick wall!'"
Al: (grins) "Nobody had ever done that before!"

Peg: (to her friends) "Just ignore him [Al] just like success has." 

Peg:  "She [Connie] still smells like a bunch of men!"

Eli:  "You marrying Peg was the only bet I ever lost!"
Al:  "Me too."

Bud: (to Kelly) "Tonight my name is Moonbeam and your name is Piece, P I E C E."

Al: (to Peg) "Peg, home is where the horror is, now Iím talking to Hooter."
Woman: "Vicki."
Al:  "Vicki."

Al:  (to Jack) "Lets rock!"  ----- could be the first time Al said it.

*** By the way, this review was constructed from memory of the show, I apologize if some 
of the quotes are a little off, when I get the chance to see the episode again, I may be able to 
correct some of what might be wrong.

By John Nelson


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