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0314  -  A Three Job, No Income Family

Synopsis:  Peggy decides that due to Alís anemic paychecks that he gets another job, but Al 
naturally refuses.  Peg decides to look for a job for Al anyway and discovers a job as a Patty Brite 
girl, selling cosmetics and working on commission.  After Peg is interviewed by one of the employees, 
and sees how much she could make, Peg takes the Job and mysteriously starts making more money than Al.  
Humiliated, Al secretly takes a job at a fast food restaurant to try and earn more.

Thoughts:    From my youth, this is the one I remember best.  The Burger Trek scenes with the "woosh" 
tube were golden, and when I was older and watched it again, the rest was hilarious as well.  Itís 
also good to see that even in the end Al can assert a little authority over Peg as indicated by the 
episodes closing scene.  This is something that would not be repeated again until "Hot Off The Grill" 
and "Desperately Seeking Miss October" episodes that were only in the near future but it was good to 
see nonetheless.  

	The goings on with Al at his second job are hilarious.  Take for instance the two boys who 
pour the orange powder out of a box into a large container, add water and stir.  The box said ketchup.  
Or Alís artistic building of the perfect burger and the need to say ďWOOSH!Ē after sending it down the 
delivery tube are in my mind forever.  Lets not gloss over too much how Peg makes her money.  Let's 
just say that Peg (everyones favorite lazy couch doily) has no problem making her commission, but Al, 
once the commission starts rolling in finds himself unable to keep his figures up.  Get the picture?

	Marcy gets if Iím not mistaken a sole scene in this episode where she helps Peg look for a 
new job.  Kelly and Bud are still up to there one or two scenes a show and out the door scene.  The 
episode begins with them smacking each other and Bud gets in a good part with Al, showing him how 
to hunt for crumbs of food with gum on a hanger.  Pauly Shore makes a guest appearance here as Alís 
boss at Burger Trek.  While he would go on to make some lousy movies, a REALLY lousy TV show (If I 
remember correctly, Entertainment Weekly gave it an F, I saw only one episode and the rating was 
just) and would also become the butt of some of MWC future jokes, he made a great appearance here 
as the teenage boss giving orders to the older lackey type.  Steve gets some things to do with Al 
particularly comment on Marcy being a lousy cook.  While this is an episode about Peg, Alís in the 
spotlight, and deserves every second of it.  This is Al at one of his most harried, best.  

	Plot gives us another one of Alís great struggles of pride and money over Peg.  The jokes 
come one after another with little let up in sight, and by the end, if you havenít peed your 
pants from laughing, youíve probably hurt yourself from resisting.

Rating:  9 shoes out of 10.  Great scenes and jokes, and as above, the Burger Trek scenes are a 
riot.  Yes, another one in the 10 spot.

***  Just a note, listen for a guy in the audience telling Al, "Donít do it Al, Donít do it"  just 
after he makes his sandwich and before the voiceover with his mother.  My friend Clint pointed 
this out.

Quotable Quotes:

Peg and Marcy are discussing Al being a dog trainer and using a gun.
Peg:  "I donít know, Alís aim isnít so good, youíve seen our bathroom."
Marcy:  "And your children."

(Al has just made a toothpaste sandwich, holding it up, he thinks to himself.)
Als Mother:  "What would you like to be when you grow up?"
Al:  "I want to be President of the United States!"
Al's Mother:  "Then thatís what youíll be!"
Al  (outloud)  "Yeah right Mom!  Try saying that when your sober."

Steve rings the doorbell, Al with his sandwich answers it.
Al:  "Aww Steve what do you want, I was about to eat and fight cavities!"

Burger Trek Manager:  "Beam me up a Burger Bundy Dude, warp speed!"
Al:  "People out there dying for kangaroo huh?!"
Burger Trek Manager:  "Yeah thatís right, tell the whole world Bundy!"

Burger Trek Manager:  "You didnít make the noise Bundy."
Al (into microphone): "WOOOSH!"

Steve:  "Al, I made more then you losing a tooth as a kid."
Al:  (Raises his fist at Steve): "Howíd you like to make a fortune tonight Steve?"

*** By the way, this review was constructed from memory of the show, I apologize if some of the 
quotes are a little off, when I get the chance to see the episode again, I may be able to correct 
some of what might be wrong.

By John Nelson


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