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Synopsis:  After crashing the Rhodesís banker party Al and Peg along with Steve and Marcy have 
their fortunes read by a gypsy psychic.  The Gypsy predicts that Steve, Peg and even Al will have 
good luck but predicts an uncertain and unpleasant future for Marcy.  One by one, everybodyís 
predictions start coming true leaving Al to tell Marcy "You're up next!"  Marcy then learns that 
she must accompany her loathsome boss to New York by plane to a meeting leaving Marcy think the 
plane will crash.

Thoughts:  Predictable up until the end episode.  Not total losses however since there are some 
unforgettable scenes here, such as Al taking his shoes off in a plane and having the air masks 
all come down.  Even the scene where the Bundyís and Steve commenting to themselves what bad luck 
Marcy will have, with Marcy an earshot away.  Unfortunately though the "we all have good luck but 
you" story is old and is only redeemed beyond any way with a creatively made happy ending.

Bud and Kelly still suffer from pre early season syndrome because they have ONE scene in this 
episode and to include them any further would have been an excess as the only thing they could do 
is bring Marcy even more down and thatís what Al is there for.  The other four characters are 
featured throughout the show and all of them are needed.  When it comes to the plane trip though 
that pilotís voice could have been miked better and the actor playing Marcyís boss is truly 
slime.  That could just make him all the more unlikeable.

	The plot and story as I said are nothing new for TV.  Donít expect anything to win a
Pulitzer prize but the show is full of good lines and moments throughout that the weak story will 
buoy above most others.  

Rating:  6.5 shoes out of 10.  Not shabby, but if you walk into this one predicting that itís 
going to be a fabulous episode your wrong. Lower your expectations and itís a winner.

Quotable Quotes:

Marcy:  With all due respect I donít believe in superstition; itís a refuge for small minds.
Peg:  Iíll go!  Iíll go!  You sense a death for me that will bring me my lifeís wish?

Marcy:  What do you see for me?
Gypsy:  (wide eyed)  I see nothing Mrs. Rhoades.
Peg:  Hey whoís the guy on the card with the noose?

Marcy:  Thanks Steve, this is fun!  Iím going to die!

(Steveís response to how Marcy will get to New York)
Steve:  On a plane your flying.
Al (looking excited)  So thatís how your gonna die!

*** By the way, this review was constructed from memory of the show, I apologize if some of the
quotes are a little off, when I get the chance to see the episode again, I may be able to correct
some of what might be wrong

By John Nelson


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