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0307  -  The Bald and the Beautiful

"Sure, I'll share. Let me share this little tidbit with you. You guys are nuts. Attractive, 
virile, sexy? Women want you? For what? To check their make-up? But you human flashlights have 
really helped me. When I came here tonight, I thought I was bald. But looking at you 'guys, 
I realize two things. One, I really miss playing pool, and two, I'm not bald. Steve's not bald. 
You guys are bald. Really bald. Hundred watt, soft-white bald. Steve, we should feel great, cause 
we got hair. And I'll tell you something else. If and when I do lose my hair, I still won't be 
sitting here with you. Cause I've got something at home that doesn't care what I look like. 
That accepts me for what I am, and is always there when I need it. My couch."  Al 

Really, I can't range this episode on my own personal judgement, because this is really a 
watch once and see what happens episode. Me, frankly, myself, I like this one. But your 
opinion will definitely be much more harsh then mine. Because I just started liking the 
show four years ago, I really only expect laughs out of it. But if you have liked it a 
long time, you may enjoy it.
You have to realize, we (me and my mother), don't really look for acting in the episodes, 
or how good or bad the script is, all we look for is good laughs. And this episode, if 
you like MWC, will roll you on the floor crack you up. But, if you really don't care about 
it and just watch it for laughs, you will find this boring and out of date.
Since it is held on mostly by Ed O' Neill, who is an over the point on comedy Al Bundy, and 
David Garrison who still needs some acting classes as the very funny Steve Rhoades in this, 
you have a fairly decent episode.

Rating: 7.

By Justice


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