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0305  -  A DUMP OF MY OWN

"People think you have a Ferguson, you got money."  Al
"People think if you have a husband, you have sex!"  Peg
I am sorry to Grail for this, but I must disagree with him. I found this episode to be very funny
and very interesting. Of course it has its weak points, but hey, this is season three. What
episode really doesn't have its weak points?
On the plus side, this episode has some of the craziest things ever, courtesy of Ed O' Neill. I
mean, the man is talking to his dad, while sitting on that toilet. Talk about nuts. And I agree
with Bud: This time, I don't think he's coming back.
"Because if you don't help him, he may not finish. And then he'll come over and use our bathroom.
 Like last week."  Marcy
"He killed our goldfish."  Steve
Rating: 7 out of 10

By Justice


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