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Episode:   0220  -  JUST MARRIED... WITH CHILDREN

Reviewed By:  John P. Stevenson

	THIS is without a doubt one of my personal favorite episodes, and one of televisionís
funniest half-hours ever.  

In the late Ď80ís, David Leisure was appearing in some of the funniest commercials ever to air 
as Joe Isuzu, and his Bink Winkleman character in this episode is very much the same type:
Arrogant, obnoxious, and as honest as a three-dollar bill.  In short, the perfect game show 
host!  His style of humorís not for everyone, but chances are, if youíre a MWC fan, then biting
sarcasm is your thing.  The interplay between Bink and his lovely assistant Zelda (soon to be
appearing naked in SQUISH! Magazine!) is hilarious; Al and Peg are at their finest; and the 
game show format, though outrageous then, seems very plausible now.  Actually, itís a wonder 
itís not on the fall schedule!

	Also, this episode gives us some of MWCís funniest moments, from Steveís rather
unbusinesslike attire, to Roland and Mona Squab (played by Geoff Pierson and Catherine Rusoff, 
who was married to Ed OíNeill at the time), to the look on Alís face as the electric chairs are
unveiled and his one, brief comment:  "I welcome death!"  Not only does this episode stand the
test of time, it actually becomes more relevant as network television becomes increasingly 

	If this episode has a drawback, it is the pacing.  Perhaps too much time was spent
setting up the Bundyís need for a new washing machine; for whatever reason, it seems rushed.  
But this is a minor complaint, and in no way lessens the humor.

	So give this episode a try.  I donít think youíll be disappointed.

RATING:  ***** out of Five!!!


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