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Episode:	0213  -  YOU BETTER WATCH OUT

Reviewed By:  John P. Stevenson

	AS the intro warns us, this is a typical Bundy Christmas, which means hilarity is
guaranteed, and "normals," such as the Rhoades, are in for a hard time!

	This, from the seriesí Second season, is the first MWC Christmas episode, and one of the
best episodes ever, period.  This series always shined in these Christmas installments, making
them a very satisfying gift to fans of the show.  That tradition had itís beginning in this ep,
and itís certainly one of the best, along with being a fine example of the showís early seasons.

	Though a Bundy Christmas bears little resemblance to the more traditional yuletide 
celebrations weíre all familiar with; for this show, it seems natural.  From the time-honored
Christmas pizza, to Aunt Pooís tattered fruitcake, every discordant note rings true.  Where else
but the home of Al Bundy would you expect to find, in the not-too-tactful words of a Chicago
coroner, a "Bag oí Santa" all gift-wrapped for the holidays?

	The performances in this episode are outstanding, especially Ed OíNeillís.  His attempt
to celebrate Christmas with Alís, for want of a better term, "loved ones", is truly hilarious. 
He makes a truly frightening Santa Claus, though the childrenís acceptance of him as Santa,
especially when he all but removes the beard, is the one weak point in the story.

	Other than that minor point, though, the writing is some of the seriesí best.  The humor
is superb, tightly written, and completely on target.  The direction keeps it flowing smoothly,
with not a wasted scene in the bunch.  High art itís not; but if thatís what youíre looking for,
then youíve got the wrong sitcom.  This is pure low-brow comedy, a la Moe, Larry, and Curly, and
it hits on all cylinders.

	So when the holidays began to wear on your nerves, look for this episode, turn it on, and 
relax.  After all, things could be worse... he couldíve landed in your yard. 

RATING:  ***** out of Five!!!!!


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