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0206-0207  -  "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"  (Parts 1 & 2)

"He's undressing me with his eyes!" (Fat Lady)
"Madam, that would take years." (Steve)

First thing to note is that this is a pleasant change - not for me, I hasten
to add (!), but a pleasant change considering the top-heavy (pun intended)
reliance on babes and the Jiggly Room in later years. Troy's, of course,
being a strip club for women. Although it's worth wondering if the creators
were getting slightly puritanical here, or if perhaps the show was a victim
of its era, as here the women get into trouble for going to a strip club; on
the other hand, the men spend whole seasons back and forth between home and
the nudie bar without suffering for it. Yet it's "wrong" for Peg and Marcy
to do the same thing, as both get punished. Or is it just to show Al and
Steve's attitude? 

"Oh, and if my wife should lose anything down your pants, so will you." (Al)

Anyhow, speaking more generally, this is a fun story which easily justifies
its length (as opposed to "Poppy's", which was very thin on plot), albeit
that in some ways the two episodes are quite widely separated. The first one
is all about Steve being in trouble with Marcy, and about strip clubs; the
second is a farce about Marcy's secret. In fact, the whole story in general
is about Marcy and Steve rather than any of the Bundys; both of them are
dragged into Bundyness, and both suffer as a result. The sympathies of the
script does seem to lie with Steve rather than Marcy, though, as it is he
who is more "wronged". Both, however, are extremely funny when they are made
to let go of their inhibitions; Steve's determination to lecture whilst
being constantly distracted is great, while Marcy suddenly going wild at
Troy's is hilarious (and reminds me of "Banking on Marcy", which was on two
days ago...). It's the key element of their characters, as we know, this
inhibition that the Bundys are helping them get over, and it's always funny. 

"Steve notices everything. Do you know what we do in bed?" (Marcy)
"Yeah, Bud tells us." (Peg)

Of the Bundys, Kelly and Bud spend most of the time preparing to go to
Wanker County (not named here), which is oddly pointless. We have an early
example of jokes about Peg's Mom, but there doesn't really seem to be much
of a point to their activities except to get them out of the way. It's still
odd to see Al and Steve having to stop watching porn TV because of the
children, though. Both Peggy and Al play a vital but not central part of the
plot, however, and are extremely funny as a result; for the first time we
get to see a little more about Peg rather than her husband, and I do feel a
little sympathy for how she is bored and, basically, dissatisfied. Al, on
the other hand, is a manipulator of the first order, with a natural cunning
and gleeful delight in the misfortune of both Steve and Marcy. Both his
scene with Zorro and then the subsequent one with Steve are a delight to

"She have nice legs?" (Peg)
"Nice breasts too?" (Peg)
"Yeah." (Al)
"Wanna go upstairs?" (Peg)
"Yeah....wait! With you?" (Al)

But anyway, it's a very enjoyable episode that's great fun to watch. 
Rating 8.5 (for both parts).

By Grail


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