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0112  -  "Nightmare on Al's Street"

"I've asked more than a few women to go to bed with me in my time. While I admit some of
their responses may have been somewhat cruel, not very many of them jumped up and stuck their
heads in the toilet."  (Steve)

Another very good episode, showing that the first season seems to have found its stride very
quickly. With the absence of David Garrison, Amanda Bearse gets a chance to act a bit more on
her own, rather than simply providing a foil against whom Steve can develop, or rediscover, 
his manhood. She doesn't always succeed, especially as the episode goes on and she's supposed
to become more of a wreck, but the scenes in her bedroom are very funny. This, perhaps, is an
episode which would have been better in later seasons, as the hostile relationship between Al
and Marcy grows worse, but it's still very good. 

"No, there are no other men in my dream. Just Phil Donohue and we feed him
to the Lizard People."  (Al)

Again the kids get nothing to do; David Faustino's explanation of the asphalt con people is
fluffed, and Kelly's description of getting the pizza also leaves a bit to be desired. I 
suppose this is a good thing, because it lets the actors grow into their roles more gently, 
and presumably they're less experienced than the adults. Ed O'Neill, on the other hand, is
clearly enjoying himself in this episode - his gleeful taunting of Marcy, his appearances in
her dreams, and so on - all his lines seem to be relished. Katey Sagal gives her portrayal 
of Peg a little more edge here, as there are plenty of lines which suggest that she, as much
as her husband, has become a loser - "why should I dream when I have all this", for example.
Interesting, given that in later years Peg and the kids are always satisfied and only Al is 
the loser.

"Don't toy with me, Marcy. I'm horny and I've been to Buffalo!"  (Steve)

Rating : 8.

By Grail


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