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THIS IS THE SEASON ONE EPISODE. My favorite season one episode anyways. My favorite lines, 
and probably the funniest season one line of them all:
"Oh Al, were you watching Shane again?" Peggy
"Nah. Phone company commercial. It had this father and this kid, they were walking down this 
country road, or alley, or something, they were kicking this rock, or pine cone, or 
something, and the father was old, and the kid was grown up, and he called him. Oh man. 
You know Peg, I wish Bud lived far away so I could call him." Al
"How many beers have you had tonight Al?" Peggy
"I don't know. Kids grow up so fast. You know, sometimes I don't think we spend enough 
time with ours. Have dinner with them, touch them, kick things... I miss that." Al

And then Al and Steve try and fix a car. Not much more to say other then it is a very good episode 
with some good acting, but most noteably by Ed O' Neill and David Garrison. 8.5.

By Justice


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