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"I know how you feel."  Steve
"If you did Steve, you wouldn't be touching me!"  Al
"Yes, she wasn't using the left, or analytical, portion of the brain."  Peggy
"I'm definitely getting a gun! And I advise you two to do the same."  Al
I like this episode. Not one of my top ten favorites, but it is up there on my list of favorites. 
Please note that some of this had me laughing until I was out of my seat -- which is what you 
want in a comedy.
"Well, when dad was practicing his quick draw at the TV during Donahue..."  Bud
"Ah Bud, number one - shut up! And number two, it was Phil's salute to the Huge and Fat Woman 
carcass; number three - there were no bullets in the gun, your mother took them out and hid them for 
safety reasons and won't tell me where!"  Al
"Guns guns guns. Why doesn't anyone talk about me?"  Kelly
"Okay Kelly... where were you last night?"  Al
"So dad, what kind of gun did you buy?"  Kelly

Rating: 8 out of 10. Good for some laughs, and a good season one episode.

By Justice


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