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(April) Added transcripts for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -- parts one and two.

(April 5th 2017) Married with Children is 30 years old. THIRTY!

(2016) Still active! Some minor updates happening often, including the credits

(2012) More illustrated transcripts added.

(5th July 2011) Transcript for 0825 added

Don't worry, we're still here!

(2010) Table Draft Script for 1116 added. Includes the original, abandoned reason for the Bundy marriage breaking up.

(1st Feb 2009) Illustrated transcripts for 0112 & 0113 added

(16th Nov) Transcript for 0322 added

(15th Nov) First Draft Script for 0322 added

(12th Jul) Transcript for 0405 added

(24th Jun) Transcript for 0310 added

(13th Jun) Transcript for 0321 added

(19th May) Transcript for 0215 added

(25th Apr) Transcript for 0511 added

(24th Apr) Final Draft Script for 0206 added

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