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About my sites:

I am no way affiliated with Married with Children, its production company, or its cast and crew.
These are simply just fan sites. Any questions, queries, comments or suggestions can be emailed to me at:

Special thanks to Daniel of for hosting my site. Much appreciated!

Cast Database - this is still a nameless site (and will probably be forever known as the Cast Database) and is under constant construction. I want to have an informative database of the shows/movies/interviews and anything else the MWC cast members have done. It's a simple reference base for the cast with some pretty pictures and articles.

Married with Children... All Things Episodic - is another site that will probably remain in constant development. I wanted to create my own episode guide - one that hopefully is of help to people if they want to look something up about a certain episode. Hopefully more episode info will be uploaded soon, but right now we focus on its biggest features: the scripts & TRANSCRIPTS and episode reviews. I would like to have as many scripts and reviews as possible on the site.

Buddom - my David Faustino site. I wanted to do this site because there were no other David Faustino sites on the internet, and since I have collected a lot of information about him, I thought that went together like a horse and carriage. And viola! Buddom was born. The name comes from a quote by Kelly in MWC episode "Hi IQ" - "I shall now leave you to wallow in the murky world of your own Buddom."

Tape/DVD trading - Back in the days of no DVDs and slower interwebs, I used to trade tapes with other TV show fans all around the world. I would love to have everything I can possibly have that has to do with MWC. If you'd like to trade dvds, please get in touch with me. My collection lists are offline, but I'm still interested. I do not sell anything for personal profit as that is illegal.

About me:

Who is Marriedaniac? She is also BundyAnna. And she is a TV sitcom junkie from Australia.
I have been interested in Married with Children for years, but never really got into it until late 1997. I love TV; I also love a lot of British shows, especially sitcoms. I adore French & Saunders, they're a huge inspiration to me. Musically, I love classic rock or anything with a great riff. I have huge interest in the media production world and musical theatre; I like dancing, and have dabbled in teaching.

Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. are welcome and I can be emailed at the above address. You can add me on facebook but please tell me you're an MWC fan and found me here.
You can also find me on youtube, where I've uploaded some MWC clips.

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