Spam / Problem - some words virus

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Spam / Problem - some words virus

Post by rdo3 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:38 am

dan we need to ad a report spam button to the forum. evidently spam bots have gotten much more advanced since you pur up the filter to disallow public/anamouse posts. i dont recognis the language but the post is the same with the numbers at the end changed. and this bot hit every board. apoint more mods and make the forum public again, make mods have 1 year on the boards, and when it gets close to 2 years make them have 3 years unless specifically apointed by you. that way the regulars keep out the spam, and the public is still able to post. i suspect it was a bot attack that put the virus on the site, but the most ever users was about 3 months ago.

the virus is gone from the header by the way. thanks, or danka. (by the way if a yank ever types danka shane that is how we would spell it phonetically or danka shein, or even danca). go back in time to where every user you trust, then make before that a mod date, bot an admin date. people do make mistake and you dont want someone banning you even by mistake. and thanks for keeping the board up, extenf my thanks also to the bundyology friend. and married mianiac. and tito and lucky. thank you all for what you give to us.

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Spam / Problem - some words virus

Post by Daniel » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:25 pm


The Virus from the header was a problem on my site.
A few months ago I had a trojaner on my laptop.
It looks like it had stolen all my saved FTP Passwords - so all my sites ( is not my only site) have been infected.

It took me some days to fix it - but now everything should be fine.
I hope that not too many visitors had been affected by that problem.

When I find some time I'll look for a "report spam" plugin.
If you have any plugin in mind don't hesitate to write me.

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