Need some help in MWC special reunion.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:09 pm

this is about half way done. sorry it is tajing me much longer than expected. but we are getting there.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:05 pm

Applegate - there was some guy in the audience you know who wrap themselves around a banister and was not going to let go unless I came out

Announcer - tapings took on the tone of sports events

Sagal - I remember shows when we would just have to say keep it down guys as we couldn't hear each other

Sylvester - had metal detectors the audience had passed through you know before they came to the show now I don't wanna say what that might indicate but the bottom line is these are some serious people

Mcginley - it would be like sitting in the cheap seats at the Raiders' game and you know I mean it was nasty and wild

Announcer - the enthusiasm of the fans was not limited to the set by the fifth season the show had achieved cult status

Tilton - the most rapid fans are the ones collecting every episode the ones who never miss it when it's on the one to what I realize the character of the Al and aspire to be like him

Sagal - Peg still does get lots of letters from prison married with children was a big prison favorite and peggy and Kelly were girls those prison guys seem to like

Announcer - like Applegate 45 year old Ed O'neill also ventured into a feature films the early nineties O'Neal start in the family comedy Dutch and also played roles in wayne's world and blue chips but sometimes the persona of Al Bundy was hard to shake as O'Neal discovered when he made the film flight of the intruder

Cohen - it was a serious moment in the drama and the doors flew open and here comes the court martial and the camera tilts up and it's Al bundy an audience laughed. I remember he was upset he got a call from the director saying Ed we're going to have to reshoot that with somebody else

O'Neal - in terms of the business people start to type cast you in that role and then that starts to be a problem but I would not have changed it

Garrison - comming up

Faustino - director kind of huddled us all up and told us about it like it was too shocking

Announcer - by the spring of 1991 married with children was more popular than ever and after six seasons fox was looking to cash in like all networks do on hit shows with spinoffs and syndication on April 7, 1991 and the episode aired that had little to do with the Bundy family instead the episode centered around adults best friend Charlie Reduchi played by Joseph Bologna. Reduchi was a sleazy apartment manager spent most of his time trying to get his cute but dumb son to marry a rich woman. Vinny was played by future friends star Matt Leblanc. The show was actually a platform for top of the heap a new series fox launched a week later

Moye - we tried to strike while iron was hot and it was hot

Announcer - the iron wasn't hot enough. Top of the heap only lasted three months before it was canceled

Anderson - they just spun off the wrong thing it would have been interesting to see what christina's experiences would have been like in college ala the Cosby spinoff a different world the darcy's would have been a great show

Announcer - spinoff may have failed but fox had a another rich line of potential cash to mine in syndication. in January 1991 executives for Columbia pictures television thestudio that produced married with children headed to a producer's convention in New Orleans where they showed married with children to TV station owners. Afterwards according to producer Michael Moye executives downplayed reaction to the sitcom

Moye - we kind of asked executives at the time how it went and it was kind of the response we got was lukewarm

Announcer - but Moye heard a completely different response from a colleague who also attended the show.

Moye - He came by the office and said it was the biggest hit I mean the lines were so long they were outside the building what a huge hit this was and we kind of then saw what was going on and we were like OK I'm sure we'll get a call asking if we wanted to sell our shares back to them for nothing

Announcer - financed did not try to buy Levitt and Moye's shares back but made a killing nonetheless. In the fall of 1991 121 episodes of married with children were sold into syndication fetching an estimated two million dollars per episode. Chick Saffler of the FX Network was in research and marketing for Columbia pictures television

Saftler - it was the first show comming off of the fox network if you look of the ratings on ABC and NBC and CBS at the time most of their shows that were going out into syndication it had the success of 100 episodes had performed at much higher rating up

Announcer - Columbia had cashed in on networked level bucks for a lower than network level rated show and as a boom in syndication married with children found an untapped audience

Shaftler - there were a number of years in which viewers may not have caught episodes of that series and so when it went into syndication it was almost like it was a brand new show at the peak of its popularity

Announcer - while fox was venturing into the new world of syndication Amanda Baerse explored fresh new territory of her own.

kim Weiskopf - remember she was a character actress and the life span of a character actress is about that long she looked to the future andsaid maybe I should expand my portfolio

Garrison - she parlayed her time as Marcy into learning everything there was to know about putting together a sitcom and how to get behind the camera and make it work

Bearse - I had been interested in directing for a while and it's a natural progression for a lot of actors to make

Announcer - and cast mates were kind enough to give her the benefit of the doubt

Ted Mcginley - we were wondering if she would know where to put the cameras and all of that technical stuff but she got it right away

O'Neal - when Amanda directs everybody is on a higher energy you know it's like we all wanted do well for her

Announcer - as for Bearse she found a second career

Bearse - they gave me a chance and that went all right so they gave me another and another so by the end of the run of the show I was directing quite a few of the episodes

Announcer - and 1999 there were not a lot of the sitcoms directed by women infact married with children employed many women and other minorities behind the scenes

Weiskoph - if you look at married with children you say well this was a show written by a bunch of post adolescent guys sitting around a room drinking beer and making fun of people well we did make fun of a lot of people that there were a lot of women involved and people of color it was an equal opportunity to not be politically correct

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rus21 » Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:54 pm

rdo3 wrote:this is about half way done. sorry it is tajing me much longer than expected. but we are getting there.
That's all right. You perfectly do all.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rus21 » Mon Dec 07, 2009 8:39 pm

Hello! How are you? Where has disappeared?

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rus21 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:03 pm

Somebody can will continue to write the text? (Since 52 min. 35 sec.)

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:02 pm

ok i'm back. i use speach recognition because i cant type well enough and people who dont speak primarily english cant understand my typos. i broke my jaw, well my brother broke it for me, and my speach recognition couldn't understand me. even with speach recognition i am slow.

this is going to take me a while. youtube pulled the videos at the request of comcast. dan has some rapid share links but all i get is a too busy try again later. i'll keep looking, but searching the net every link seems to be the youtube embeded videos.

i got dans finally but only parts 1 and 2 wirk and i'm already past that. i think i may have found someone locally with a copy i can get tomorrow or the next day so i should be posting more soon.

by the way dan if you read this when i unzipped your files with 7 zip it was the unzipping that failed for some reason. parts 1 and 2 unzip fine but unzip to the same name so the files replace eachother if you unzip them to the same location. parts 3 and 4 give a popup notice that the unzipping failed, it does creat a file of about the right size but none of my media players, editors, or converters can open it.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rus21 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:17 pm

Hope you get well soon.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:44 am

Announcer - wild bearse expanded her resume katey sagall explored motherhood in early 1991 38 year old sagal learned she was pregnant.

Ed O'Neal - we were also happy for her when she got pregnant. the first place we all knew she had been wanting like this you know the thing she wanted most in her life

Announcer - the writers decided to work katie's pregnancy into the show

Michael moye - with the kids being up an almost out of the house the very last thing that Al would want was his wife to come up to him and say any guess what we're gonna have another baby. That that Actually worked perfectly

Amanda bearse - they made Marcy pregnant along with her mine was a pregnant suit when Katie grew I grew and they wrote a lot of stories around that

Announcer - on October 14 fate interfered with a perfect plot Sagall was whisked away to Cedar Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles where she underwent an emergency caesarean. Her baby Ruby was stillborn

Sagal - that was a devastating and to this day is a devastating experience

Faustino - I just remember when the announcement came and the director just kind of huddled us all up and told us about it it was just shocking

Ed O'Neal - I was really worried about her because I thought that you know I knew how much she wanted the child and then I thought that now what's gonna happen how do you come back from that

Moye - we gave Katie all the time she needed to know to do what she had to do you know that she came back to the show much sooner than what we would've expected for something like that

Announcer - an emotionally battered Sagall return to the set less than a month after the tragedy. The writers were left with a delicate situation of dealing with the story line

moye - we just said what is the quickest way we can put this behind us and we remembered Dallas you know that great shower thing

sagall - I think they handled it great. When I came back to work day wrote it as a dream sequence but I never was pregnant

Mcginley - the fans didn't know that that was the case they didn't know what the situation was so she had to get it out there publicly so people would have the sensibility not to ask about it

bearse - when Katie became pregnant again a few years later it was her decision to be private about the pregnancies and she has two beautiful children, Sarah and Jackson, and they were not written into the show and you can understand why

moye - we shot around it we would shoot her from bust up and have her walk behind things and later on we would have her on the phone. We wanted her to take it as easy as she could.

Ted Mcginley - when things occur like that on a show people really do become family it's actually wonderful because there are people there for you and I are people who care

No maam - coming up

bearse - I had no shame that I wasn't a parent

Announcer - married with children was Godzilla a monster hit that gobbled up the competition stomped into the nineties undeterred by cast changes pregnancies and a local group of detractors the real battle it turned out wasn't a battle for ratings it was a war between the cast and tabloids on November 15, 1991 Jessica Hahn appeared as a temptress who shows up an al's shoe store. Hahn was known for her sex scandal with televangelist Jim Baker

moye - we liked the idea of casting weird people in the show. The idea was to do things that you're not gonna find on regular television

Announcer - but it wasn't al that fell for the sexy Hahn. 44 year old Ron Levitt asked hahn to dinner after the taping. She accepted in the two began dating, eventually the couple moved in together

applegate - she was this really relate nice person and they were really into each other and they really like each other and respected each other and we'll respected that

Announcer - over the years married with children built up the repertoire of all the guests and Pamela Anderson and Vanna white to BB king and Anthrax to Jerry Mathers and Jerry springer

Anderson Jones - a really were into Pop culture Gary Coleman was on the show the village people were on the show I mean Jefferson is played by a former love boat star

Announcer - one of the wackier guest was the late comedian Sam kennison. Sam kennison was tardy for Monday rehearsal on Tuesday he did not appear it all

Ted Mcginley - on Wednesday he was late again he was absolutely apologetic, he knows his stuff and that day at launch he called chases to have them cater the launch in the next day he had belly dancer show up

Announcer - actors celebrities and musicians were not the only celebrities tapped for guest appearances

Ted Mcginley - we had a lot of athletes that would come through Clyde Drexler and Joe Nemeth and it was fun to have those guys

Griff - one episode it was the spring break thing where there was this woman who had these humongous set of tatas

ike - I think you don't remember her name

griff - im blank

bob roony - rocky mountains

ike - letha wepons

griff - ooh that's right exactly right

Announcer - the party wasn't limited to the set 17 year old David faustino was becoming a highly visible club kid David faustino was a musician and a fan of hip hop and 1991 and two friends launched club ballistic first hip hop club in Hollywood

David faustino - this was when hip hop was at a baby stage it wasn't all over the place. ypu couldn't find a hip hop club in Los Angeles especially on sunset boulevard

Announcer - faustino under aged himself opened the club to teenagers club ballistic became one of the hottest spots on, sunset strip

faustino - they would start lining up at 7:00 and it was a great time. i mean on our stage we had nwa we had ice cube i mean the list goes on and on

announcer - faustino cut a track on a compilation album with his group outlaw posse . married with children writers caught wind of faustinos musical interests.

moye - you are always looking for things to satirize and make fun of and and that to me i mean that was just prime stuff

faustino - so they created this alter ego grand master b and un it was sort of poking fun at me a little bit

moye - and what greater way to score with ladies at the time than have this whitebread kind of guy talking about his tales from the hood you know and how what a tough guy he is

announcer - faustino went along with the joke and so did the fans

faustino - that's really fun when you hear hey grand master b

announcer - in season 7 the writers concocted other new story lines to keep the show fresh

bob golthwait - i'm here on the set of married with children and it's a closed set, authorized personnel only and i'm authorized. normally when i am on tv i am considered a security risk so i am thrilled to be on this show

announcer - on september 13 1992 a trailer trash couple played by linda blair of the exorcist and bob golthwait payed a visit to the bundys

golthwait - i am on pegs side of the family. i play one of her cousins and i dont know that there's alot of uncle dads in this gene pool so that ahh so there is inbreeding i guess is what i am saying

announcer - pegs cousins brought along their son, a kid named seven. but when the couple left they left the child behind with the bundiys. seven was played by 6 year old shane sweet.

pauk tilton - there was quite an uprising on the internet to get rid of the character because it was kind of conflicting with a lot of the chemistry it just seemed rather out of place like he wasn't really contributing to the show

sweet - well on the show i jump on ed a lot

applegate - this poor kid he was so darling he was so sweet but when you have this unit that is that tight and people are so used to that unit you dont need to introduce anything else in there if its not broke dont fix it

announcer - after just 17 episodes sevens number was up

moye - he went upstairs or something and never came back down stairs or something like that. i think we purposely never tried to explain it so that it could be one of you know tvs great mysteries.

announcer - just as seven disappeared from the show public attention turned to amanda berse on the screen bearse played a 35 year old hyper sexual heterosexual

al - and my favorite forrset hump, oh excuse me
marcie- oh no problem
al- marcie!
marcie - al it's not what you think
al - good because i think i have to heave end clip

announcer - in real life however the actress was gay.

bearse - i live my life very openly and people that i work with on married with children knew after a short period of time this was a part of who i was

announcer - bearse didn't hide her orientation but she didn't publicize it either. in 1993 virtually the only openly gay celebrities were kd land and martina navratalova but rumors about bearse continually cropped up. julie weider is editor in chief of the gay and lesbian publication the advocate

weider - we had been outing amanda bearse for years in the tabloids so she had been coping with the decision for quite some time. what happened was that they got wind the she and her girlfriend, her girlfriend at the time decided to adopt a baby.

bearse - i had no shame that i was a gay parent, an adoptive parent and so i wanted, it was important for me to tell the story in my own words

announcer - bearse came out on the cover of the october 1993 issue of the advocate

bearse - there is strength in numbers and the more of us that put an identity to our gay community the harder it will be to discount us and our civil rights

mcginnle - we were all thinking good for her lets just let her get it out let her live her life and i think it made things much easier for her

bearse - not everybody is as fortunate as i am to have had that kind of suport

announcer - in the image of conscious world of network television comming out was considered an enormously risky. at the time bearse was the only openly gay star on prime time tv. some at fox worried that her revelation might negatively impact the ratings

moye - it was a concern but nobody was really panicked. it was just how are they going to buy the marriage between her and ted and once again the audience proved that they know they are watching a show, were not taking this seriously

weider - she laid all the ground work for others. you have to remember that amanda did this before melissa ethridge did it , before chastity bono did it, before greg louganis did it. as a tv star she paved the way for ellen degenerose to consider whether she could risk doing that

bearse - it was just a necessicary and easy move for me to make because it is my truth, it's a part of who i am.

announcer - bearse was not the only cast member to come under tabloid fire. faustino and applegate became fodder for the rags. in early 1991 stories broke about faustino the bar room brawler

faustino - it was always my friends who started it and then i would get pulled into it then i would get all the blame. they were like david faustino and i'm too small to fight

announcer - the rags falsely hinted at a romance between faustino and katey sagall. stories also emerged detailing an alleged affair between applegate and ed oneil

oneil - you know when that came out i bought about a dozen copies and i was passing them all around. brought them into work and then of corse she came in and she was crushed and her boyfriend was mad at me.

applegate - and no one was doing anything like that. this was a family, this was a group who was family . even just the thought irks me i cant even just fathom that it is so disgusting

announcer - the tabloids didn;t stop with just family affairs

faustino - i was in the hollywood christmas parade one year with jason harvey from the wonder years and we met these girls and i think i was 15 years old and these girls said you know that i raped them and it was like so weird and i never raped them

applegate - the things that were said were just do ridiculous and silly that all you can do is laughf. you just have to brush it off.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:36 am

bearse - coming up

christina's mom - it was hard on christina. i know she would come into my hospital room sometimes because i had like 6 surgeries in a year and a half.

announcer - by fall 1993 the married with children cast survived tabloid rumoes and the comming out of amanda bearse but even more turbulence was in the air. season 8 of married with children began with major changes. behind the scenes show producer and co creator ron levit left to pursue other opportunities . on screen the writers gave al some buddies to join him at his favorite haunts the nudie bar and the bowling alley.

ike - we were like the guys you never wanted to be in your garage i think

announcer - in the story line al and his pals are incensed that feminism is eroding their god given manhood. in defense the men form an activist group called no maam.

bob roony - no maam

griff - national organization of men against amazonian masterhood. there you go

bob roony - there it is

ike - no breast feeding basically

moye - political correctness was starting to get a foothold into anything and into everything and we just said we've got to send this up

al - rule number one- it is ok to call hooters knockers and sometimes snack trays rule two it is wrong to be french. end clip

griff - it was guys saying life with women sucks and stuff. if there were no women there would be no doilies, no devoutte covers, no knickknack shelves. men would be perfectly happy and have wonderful lives

moyes - these guys would just get in the garage and just bitch

ike - not to say that men dont care for knicknacks just that they dont need shelves to put them on.

griff - why would you need a shelf

bob roony - and if you had a shelf why would you put a doily on it

ike - guys would put jars with screws and stuff on it

bob roony - thats why garages have shelves

griff - and if you know what a duovette cover is you're already a victim.

announcer - no maam quickly became a fan favorite not only in the united states but over seas where married with children was syndicated in more than 100 countries

bob rooney - online i had an international no maam registry where just as a service to the fans i said you write into me and who your head honcho is and who the other guys are in your branch are and i'll list them on a web page. and that lasted about a year and a half till ti got to where it was like two hours a night just to do the emails on this just to keep it up

moye - we would get as much fan mail from women as we would get from men you know nobody was worried about al and als ilk you know i'm dominating the country and taking away everyones right to vote

announcer - with a fan base like that executive producer michael moye saw an opportunity for a spin off show centered around the no maam group

moye - and we pitched it to fox and once again they were terrified of this and i think they were just afraid that and i find this just so insulting but they were just afraid that it would just turn women off. and we had the same argument that guys they are smarter than this

announcer - the no maam spin off was a no go. fox network brass were nervous about losing audience share. in the shows 9th season fox faced new competition from two start up networks. paramount was preparing to launch upn and warner brothers was weighing in with the wb. both upn and the wb premiered in january 1995. the head of programming for the mb was former fox executive garth ancier and the wbs lineup contained a sitcom from married with children co creator ron levit

garth - ron got divorced from his wife and he wanted to do a show about divorce. what was appealing to me about that is that i have never heard anyone do a show about divorce before because the inherent tension between the husband and wife would have now broken out into open warfare

announcer - unhappily ever after starred jeff peirson as a walking mid life crysis and bobcat golthwait as the voice of mr floppy a talking rabbit. producer kevin curran worked on unhapily ever after

curran - originally it was supposed to be about this loony guy who the only friend is this bunney he talks to and that only he can hear and about him trying to deal with being alone and how it got back to where it was kind of like married with children again

announcer - but still the formula worked. happily ever after ran for 4 years. in the mean time married with children was entering it's tenth season and busk, the shows talking dog, was well past his prime.

weiskoph - most dogs that size their lifespan is 8 or 9 years and this dog was like 14 it was rediclouse

announcer - the sad decision was made to retire bush. on October 1 1995 buck appeared in his final episode.

moye - it was a tough episode for him because we felt so bad for him because he was so old

announcer - in the episode buck dies and goes to doggy heaven

buck - where am i
chicken - you are where animals go when they die
buck - i am in oprahs refrigerator

moye - he was looking forward to living happily amongst the clouds and to his horror found out there was such a thing as reincarnation

announcer - buck was reincarnated as the new bundy puppy

buck - i have nothing to say about lucky

announcer - the real buck left the show to pursue other opportunities

buck - umm really i was looking for more creative freedom so i ended up getting a huge development deal

announcer - but the truth was far more sad

moye - it was actually painful for him to walk up the stairs and we knew that him doing the show was a lot more stressful to him

announcer - in the fall of 1996 when season 11 started michael moye followed buck out the door. the long time producer felt that his specialty, irreverent comedy working for working class audiences was no longer a priority for the networks

moye - they put me on a show where i am writing for nba guys that are you know sitting at starbucks talking about therapy you know that would be dangerous for who ever i am working with trust me. because i just may snap

announcer - moye moved to the east coast and took up landscape photography. by then fox's original young turks were gone too

oneil - the show had been thru four or five different presidents at fox. you know we outlived everybody else on the farm. by the time we left fox there was nobody else still there. the only person that was still there was rupert murdoc

announcer - the new brass hired new producers for the networks oldest success story

bob roony - they had changed executive producers for the show, all the original executive producers were gone and all new writes and one of the writes stood up and he said i am just so happy to be working on this show because last year i was studying this show in college

faustino - they did the best the could and i think they did a good job but it just wasn't ron and michael

applegate - ron and michael were the daddies and we completely trusted anything they did then every one else comes in and it was just different

announcer - in September 96 the 11th season of married with children premiered on Saturday night at 9:00 the first time the bundys had ever left their sunday night stronghold, programmers moved the show four more times before the season was out

sagall - they had moved our time slot and moved our night and we defiantly weren't bringing in what we had brought in on Sundays which is fox's it was a great time slot we had i i really i think at the end of the day they really weren't sure

anderson - i think people felt like they inherited the show, that they had to keep it on because ot was fox's legacy

announcer - the tone around the set changed considerabbly ed oneil steped in to take over

mcginley - tward the end he had total authority and he deserved it because he ed carried the show there is no doubt about it

announcer - but there were some crises even ed oneil couldn't solve. in early 1996 christina applegate's mother deborah priddy was diagnosed with breast cancer. it was her second bout with the desiese and 34 year old christina applegate was terrified

priddy - it was hard on christina. i know she would come in my hospital room sometimes because i had 5 or 6 surgeries in a year and a half. and i remember coming on one time and she just looked grey, she couldn't even talk

announcer - the entire cast and crew rallied around applegate and priddy

bearse - not only do i love christina but i had great affection for her mother nancy as well. nancy was on the set quite a bit as the guardian parent of a young teenager

mcginly - christina's mom you know we all knew her we all loved her we all cared about her

annoincer - as priddy underwent treatment applegate coped as best she could

priddy - i dont know how she did it. she didn't have any choice really, she had to go do her work

oneil - christina had a problem and she would come in and she would be crying and she would be in her dressing room then she would be out and you would never know it

applegate - i was really grateful to have the show because it was a place for me to you know to divert my attention and to have something that was positive in my and and to make people laugh and because i had that i think that really helped me get thru plus having the cast i was so lucky to have worked with they are just an amazing support system

announcer - priddy eventually made a full recovery

applegate - she is amazing, she is a trouper, she is my hero

buck - coming up

christina - someone else heard it on the radio and called me telling me that the show was cancled

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:50 am

sorry for the poor typing. my head set fits tightly to keep the mic positioned correctly. today i realized the bottom of your ear is over the top of your jaw bone. the speach recognition still cant understand me that well, maybe i messed up its algorrythems trying to talk with a swolen mouth in the past weeks. so i am trying to type it by hand again.

but as you can see i did get a copy and only have about the last ten minuets left to go so by tomorrow i hope to finish. sorry for the long delay, but with the holidays and life hitting a rough patch i had to many things to do.

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rus21 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:33 pm

all is excellent :wink:
by the way, you can not write the names before the text (bearse, announcer, moye...)

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

Post by rdo3 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:38 pm

announcer - in it's 11th season married with children survived new network brass, new producers, and several new time slots. the show was getting old and no one was sure what to expect next. one day early in 1991 ed oneil had an ominous lunch meeting. the actor met with peter churnan, the then president and coo of news corp, fox's parent company. churnan told oneil that married with children was probably going to be canceled.

ineil - i said well peter people know i'm here so i should go tell them we're not going to be picked up next year cause you know i didn't care i was fine but there are a lot of people, hair, makeup, props, camera people, they need to to get other jobs. "oh no no no i misspoke it's 60/40" i said it's 4 against oh come on

announcer - oneil saw the writing on the wall. he prepared for the final episode.

oneil - i said lets do an hour show, we'll get levit and moye back and we'll win the night. michael moye and ron levit enthusiastically embraced the idea of writing a finally episode

moye - we were going to get back together and do the last episode and that offer was made to fox and they never called back

announcer - oneil and the rest of the cast shot the last episode on march 27 1997

curran - we called a wrap and we kind of stood there for a second the camera people the crew the make up people wardrobe the cast and we looked at each other and it was a really unbelievable moment it was very emotional

faustino - we didn't know when we wrapped up the 11th season if we were going to come back or not so it was kind of like we were like ok goodbye maybe

oneil - so the last episode the was not anybody there, there were no gifts, none. not a thank you card, nothing. and thats it. we did it no one knew, then they were going to have a cast party and i said i'm not going to a cast party i mean what for, what is this party for and um i just went out got in my car and drive away

announcer - the episode aired on april 5th 1997. on april 18th fox executives announced that married with children was canceled, nobody bothered to tell the cast.

applegate- someone else heard it on the radio and then called me to tell me that the show was canceled and i was like wow 11 years and i hind out from mark and brian, thats a trip

oneil - i was in ohio at a bed and breakfast and a honeymoon couple aproached me in the parking lot as i was getting in my car and said we are sorry about the show and i said oh really. "you didn't know it was on tv that it was canceled" so i said really, you got married and i took them back in and bought them a little champaign and i said it's ok i would prefer to hear it from you.

bearse - you would think a show that ran as long as it did and had the impact that it had on launching a network might have been sent off with a little more hurrah but you know that business is business

sagall - so we never got a final episode which i thought was extremely unfair being as we were one of the first shows there i mean we were at the network before the simpsons were there

announcer - the cast had their own ideas of how they would have ended the bundys run

bearse - i would have liked to see everybody blown up

oneil - al wins the lottery and for like 20 million you pick a number and they are dancing around in the living room and like a tornado comes and like the wizard of oz you know and all that is left is a big hole

applegate - and the house comes back down on marcies body and you just see her little feet coming out

mcginley - what ever would happen jefferson would end up on an island by himself with kind of a cocktail with an umbrella and several bikini clad women and um living the good life and the rest of them would be in hell somewhere.

announcer - some fans were besides themselves over the cancellation

tilton - they would send emails, post messages on the message board saying is it true that married with children is really going to be taken off the air they couldn't believe it and there was an uprising to try and get it back. to try to get the show back on the air

announcer - fox never ordered another episode of the show but two years later fox revived married with children in reruns on the companies cable enterprise fx network senior vice president of programming for fx chuck saffler

chuck - fx began running married with children back in september of 1999 and married with childrens position in our programming strategy is a crucial one in that it attracts a male audience, that it is different, that it is hilarious that it fits in with a great deal of the other programs that we have

griff - to put it simply married with children will be in reruns as long as i love lucy

applegate - it's everywhere, countries i have never even heard of before i get mail from. it's kind of amazing.

bob roony - i bet that somewhere in the world right now that it's playing.

griff - thats true three times a day

bob roony - three times a day

announcer - on the internet married with children websites are more active than ever

tilton - people still look for an outlet, they still want to be a pat of the married with children phenomenon even now years after the show has been canceled.

announcer - for the principals of married with children there was plenty of life after the show. ed oneil appeared in feature films such as the bone collector and the spanish prisoner. in 2001 oneil starred in a short lived police drama on cbs

oneil - i did david milch's big apple which i thought was a wonderful show. i'm really proud of it

announcer - since 1999 katey sagall provided the voice of lela the cyclopse on the fox animated series futurama. in 2001 sagall was cast opposite hank azaria in the nbc sitcom what are you thinking

sagall - he's a comedy writer and i play the head comedy writer, i'm his boss

announcer - christina applegate also got her own series staring as a single struggling mother in the nbc sitcom jesse for two seasons. in 2001 applegate stared with gweneth paltro in the film a view from the top and with cameron diaz in the sweetest thing

applegate - i've been working pretty consistently since then which i'm so grateful for

announcer - david faustino made guest appearances on shows like nash bridges and continued to peruse his musical interests.

faustino - i made enough money where like i dont have to stress and strain and worry about what i am going to do

announcer - amanda bearse directed episodes of top comedies such as dahrma and greg and sabrina the teen aged witch before moving to a rural area far away from hollywood

bearse - i've semi retired my life. instead of living in los angeles i've decided to grow my child in the south east where i grew up and be nearer my family

announcer - as for ted mcginly

mcginley - since then i haven't done a thing

announcer - actually mcginley played recurring roles on abcs sports night and nbcs the west wing . and david garrison returned to the stage playing the lead role in musicals in such plays as guys and dolls and randy newmans faust

garrison - i had a two year run on broadway in titanic which was a great sucess and here i am now doing bells a ringing back on broadway

announcer - as for als pals harrold sylvester became a producer writer for city of angels and nypd blue . sylvester, tom mclister, and ee bell stayed active before the tv cameras as well

ike - of corse the three of us are always being called all around the country to judge strippers contests.

griff - yeah yep yep yep

bob rooney - no maam will travel

announcer - co creators ron levit and michael moye became wealthy off married with children. levit remained with jessica hahn, michael moye stayed on the east coast far away from hollywood

moye - i am a dad. i chase my 3 year old around, i monitor what she watches on telivision. i am not in the next room, i know what she is watching. that is how it's done.

announcer - in 1987 nobody could have predicted that a raunchy renegade sitcom on an outlaw network would make tv broadcasting history

applegate - a lot of shows were able to have life because of married i'm just really proud to have been a part of it

faustino - i watch reruns sometimes and some of it still makes me laugh, not all of it. i dont want the hair cuts that i had at like age 14 and 15

bearse - people still stop me all the time, it's really so sweet, and basically they just want to say that i think you are funny, your shows made me laugh

mcginley - some times i just wish i could just walk in, sit down on that set, and hang out with them and play again. thats the way i remember the show and i always will

buck - we had a great run, we did it, we changed the face of show business. are any of you guys working do you have anything going on that might need a dog.

griff - new orleans or bust. is that where we are going new orleans

bob roony - new orleans and bust

griff - and bust. thank you

mcginley - any time we went to the nudie bar it was fantastic

applegate - god forbid we end up on e true hollywood story or something like that

faustino - i thought you were going to ask me easy questions about me

buck - what ever they said in the press i was not there that night and we are just good friends

the end

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

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Write please the text to it 00.52.35-1.05.47

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

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let me double check but i believe that is the post i made Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:44 pm about 6 posts ago. yep, its there. it starts off:

Announcer - wild bearse expanded her resume katey sagall explored motherhood in early 1991 38 year old sagal learned she was pregnant.

Ed O'Neal - we were also happy for her when she got pregnant. the first place we all knew she had been wanting like this you know the thing she wanted most in her life

Announcer - the writers decided to work katie's pregnancy into the show

Michael moye - with the kids being up an almost out of the house the very last thing that Al would want was his wife to come up to him and say any guess what we're gonna have another baby. That that Actually worked perfectly

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Re: Need some help in MWC special reunion.

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strange, but I did not see this post)) now everything is fine, thank you!
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