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what is spam here?

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2006 11:28 am
by rdo3
this forum is a bit slow for english speakers. can i make more posts and add later posts in the same thread without offending the members. yes much like al i thalk to myself all the time but thats not what i mean. i mean can i start a transcript thread, then add another episodes transcrit as i heard it, and maybe inbetween posts of my review/ openion of that episode.

and damned those comics are hard to find off line. went to 5 comic stores and 10 "collectiables shops". all i found is that i have to look else where. i dont trust ebay, but i may have to give it a shot. even if it's a xerox copy thats more than i have now, i'm just worried i wont even get a xerox.

till then i'll settle for youtube cince i dont have any other choice. and by the way admin thanks for the pirm link. it brought back memories. when i was living those days i hated them, now i look back on them fondly. the army slogan at the time was "be all you can be" i just didn't know i was a world champion cigarett butt picker upper. i still hate police call (litter clean up, not polazi emergency)