Is it definitely safe to preorder MWC S4 German R2?

for english talking people

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Post by Guest » Fri Jan 13, 2006 3:14 pm

Yes I agree. Every episode that is short on the R2 release, seems to have sped up audio. Also, I have timed the intro theme from the second when the fountain comes on until the second the last credit pop up and the difference between the 23 and 22 minutes is always exactly 2.5 seconds (which is about 4%). Also, the 23 minute episodes have louder audio. I think the episodes that are uncut on the R1 were converted to PAL the quick and easy way resulting in 4% shorter runtime and higher pitched audio. Then the episodes that were edited on the R1 set were converted in a way that does not alter the running time or pitch. I think they are all uncut except for maybe the 2 parter.

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