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New Download Links For MWC Fans (specials included)

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:52 pm
by mwconjtv
ive got new mwc links for you my friends. i revived alot of the specials into a nice download page, ive trimmed the beginning titles from the episodes for nicer marathon playback. the links to both trimmed and untouched eps are available seperately for easy access. ive found the al bundy sports spectacular and have uploaded it to a few different sources, 1 for downloads, the other for watching online.... and i want to share it with you since you all have brought me many years of good mwc knowledge. i host a 24/7 live mwc stream on with all seasons and all episodes. im just trying to keep the bundy knowledge and legends alive. the bot i run on irc inside the live chat hosted on justintv thru mirc, has used many of your bundy facts, and links. thank you. here are those links i promised....

im still looking for:
"BUNDYMANIA (Pro 7) - 01/01/1998"
"THE RERUN SHOW Episodes (NBC) - 08/20/2002"
"original commercials for mwc series" (ex: snl al bundy disco commercial).

if you can help me out, i would be really appreciative, and share them with my many viewers of the live stream for everyone to enjoy again and again for years to come.
http://themikejudgenetwork.freeforums.o ... t-t33.html

WATCH "MWC - Al Bundy's Sports Spectacular.avi"

MWC SPECIALS (Folder Link) [for easy que]!KIcTBJ4D!E_K6snYRB0QqpOLdPiWEWA

Married With Children (Folder Link)!rI9GHZyR!GVua5WA9oKBm0l_yRLNtgQ
enjoy the links!