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Welcome to this new section of the forum!

Posted: Sun May 29, 2011 8:25 pm
by Shoe Dick
As you can see, a new section has been created here on the forum where we can have all our discussions about the other works of MWC actors.

I came up with the idea of this section a while ago when realising that most of us here seem to also be fans of the actors themselves, not just the characters and work they've done on MWC. Topics where we've discussed Modern Family, Dutch, Jesse, Sons of Anarchy etc seemed out of place in the English/News sections and could be hard to find among the many more MWC-related topics there are, so it made sense for this section to be created. I told Daniel about my idea and he agreed it would be a good addition to the forum and happily added it. We hope you'll find it useful as well.