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uodated links

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:40 am
by rdo3
all the sites in the links on the main page are expired or no longer in existance. but the wayback archive still has most of them saved with working links, they arechived the links too. could you put up a note that the sites are no longer live and wont be updated but there are still existing "snapshots" of the sites and give links to the archives of the sites.
Bundyology is a great example. if you just google the url you get a search engine offering to sell you the url. but the wayback machine has the site saved minus most of the pics and sounds. some of the pics were saved it they weren't hotlinked but imbedded in the page.

the current bundyology link takes you here where i think they are trying to sell the domain name vs
the archive page that takes you here ... which is what we were all really looking for.