220 Studioluft / Just Married... With Children

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Re: 220 Studioluft / Just Married... With Children

Post by Daniel » Sun Aug 30, 2009 10:07 am

Fantastic episode!

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Re: 220 Studioluft / Just Married... With Children

Post by rdo3 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:33 am

well one actor got the episode because of their past work, and one got future work from the episode. leiser was joe isisu/liar, a hit comercial at the time. (back in the pre cable days even comercials spawned stars and celebs, such as "where's the beef"). but the big winner was actually pierson. married with children had a spin off and a rip off. the rip off was unhappily ever after. it wasn't a total rip off (stealing) since it was also a show created by ron levit only with silverman instead of moyes. pierson got the lead role in unhappily to start. well unless you consider mr floppy (bob golthwait as a stuffed bunny that talks to only pierson)the lead. tward the end nikki cox became the lead because she was so pretty. picture kelly being smart, bud being bud, al and peg getting divorced, al moving to the basement and talking to iris or a psycho dad toy, peg feeling sorry enough for al to let him stay but not enough to be nice.....and you've got unhappily unever after.

the other spin off that actually got picked up was top of the heap, mathuew leblancs (joey on friends) first series.

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Re: 220 Studioluft / Just Married... With Children

Post by Shoe Dick » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:49 pm

I had either TOTALLY forgotten or never noticed it was Pierson in the role of Mr. Squab! I knew I had seen him on MWC, at first I thought it was him in the Top of the Heap episode of season 5 which was the first episode of the spin-off with the same name, but that wasn't him. Anyway, I love Pierson and I love Unhappily Ever After. I also love this episode that I give a 4.5 rating, one of the most memorable episodes of the series IMO.

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