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Kevin From England
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Why German

Post by Kevin From England » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:06 pm

Was this show popular in Germany. I an wondering why they have a German part of the site. The actor's don't look German.

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Dr. Shoe
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Happy to be a No Ma'am Member
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Re: Why German

Post by Dr. Shoe » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:58 pm

I'm an American, but I know the answer to this question because I asked it once myself. It's not that Germans have some special connection with the Bundys. It's more that when Germans like something, they REALLY like it. That's what the founder of this site, Daniel, who is Austrian, will tell you.

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Shoe Dick
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Re: Why German

Post by Shoe Dick » Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:26 pm

Why would the actors look have to look German to be popular there...? 8O

Like Dr. Shoe says, when a German becomes a fan, he immediately becomes a fanboy :)

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Re: Why German

Post by Daniel » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:14 pm

Because the admin (that's me :) ) is from Austria.
But beside this, the show was in Europe (especially in german speaking countries) a huuuuuge success.
On reason why it had been such a success was the great translation into german (all jokes/persons/tv-shows mentioned on the show have been adapted to persons/shows we know here) - and the actor speaking Al Bundy in the dubbed version had a great and very funny voice.

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